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Our Projects

Some of our projects are listed here. Please use 'Contact Us' link below to ask for further details...


Our Projects

We offer a full portfolio of services encompassing all fields of maritime training including:

  • Provision of the specifications for the teaching areas, support areas and simulation facilities and accessories required for a training centre.
  • Supplying and/or recruiting instructors, assessors, verifiers and training them where required.
  • Providing a fully developed Quality Management System as well as auditing all systems.
  • Supporting the approvals process through consultancy based on awarding body requirments and processes.
  • Provision of Training Management Systems and Competence Management Systems (CMS).
  • Assisting in sourcing the equipment required to setup the training centre and run it on an ongoing basis.

Online Student Booking and Management System

    First example is a recent project for an online booking system for students. Browse through various features of the online booking system website at the link below.
  • The link opens the demo website in a new tab.
  • Check various aspects of the 'front end' of the website where courses can be listed with a full schedule, showing maximum places and the remaining places available on courses
  • Users can book courses online if therer are places available on any course
  • The users get notified when an order is places for a course booking
  • When an order is placed, the 'admin' can login in the backend of the website for administration
  • Contact us to explore the back end and to obtain price for a fully hosted package or just the script that can be installed on a webhosting purchased by the customer
  • Both the front and the back end of the website can be modified to suit your needs. You just need to provide us the details of changes required

Course Booking Website